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Helloworld:....."OMG!!! These are AMAZING!!!....GREAT WORK!! This is soooo exciting!!!! Australian Government Department of Education and Training:....fabulous!!! We’re so happy with them your wonderful service... accommodating our requirements ..." Check Point:.. "I knew I was with the right team when I chose you!" Hyundai: Quality mouse pads...."I just opened the box of mouse mats and they look fabulous! Very good quality"... Kraft Foods: urgent job custom made note pads with silver foil debossing. "we are very happy with the books, they are great" News Limited:.... Merchandising products.."I have no hesitation in recommending you as a supplier". MicroSoft:....... Notebooks embossed with the brand.... News Australia:..... Aluminium Euro Auz Pens turns around from our offshore China factory Hyundai: on promotional bags, eco bags, shopping bags: GE: "Promotional product lanyards, product stress toy, promotional flags" Nokia Siemens: on Promotional t-shirts, promotional products range.


Old Faithful Promotional Pens


29th August 2011

Promotional pens are probably the oldest and most reliable promotional merchandise on the Australian market. Offering convenience and accessibility, promotional pens offer staff and clients alike the convenience of always having a pen as well as the added exposure to your company brand. Pens are often circulated between business people and their offices, so chances are that your promotional pen will be used and noticed by a large number of people, expanding your original marketing avenue exponentially.


Staying in the forefront of the client’s mind


18th August 2010

When it comes to promotional merchandise, the roots stem much deeper than just winning over a person by giving them free things. Promotional items in Australia serve as a way of reiterating your company’s message as well as forcing your brand into the psyche of the existing or potential client.


Think relevance when buying promotional products


30th June 2011

Many Australian businesses like to explore new and novel ways of promoting their business at a relatively low outlay and even within the field of promotional products, the same thing happens. There is often a tendency to focus on novelty items and while they do deliver value, there should ideally be a fit between the promotional products and the brand being promoted – for example, you wouldn’t promote a brand aimed at teenagers with stubby holders as it sends out the wrong message. Similarly, it wouldn’t make much sense promoting your dietary products with promotional products like confectionery and promotional umbrellas might be a good idea in Melbourne but in the northern states of Australia it’s not likely to prove an effective piece of promotional merchandise.

Seamless Merchandise Matters offers the most extensive range of promotional products and serves scores of industries right throughout Australia. We’re sure to have the promotional material to give you the best return on your promotional investment. Try Promotional products from Sydney, Darwin, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, & Brisbane


The best promotional corporate merchandise offers lasting usability


30th June 2011

If you want to get the best return from your investment, it’s best to look at products that deliver genuine and lasting usability to the end user. By selecting corporate merchandise that recipients will use over and over again, you keep your brand and logo in the mind of a prospective customer for a longer period and therefore increase the likelihood of them returning to you when they require a product or service that your business offers. Offering customised promotional USBs, pens, lanyards and pouches, conference bags and laptop bags to customers and other stakeholders within your business ensures that your promotional efforts deliver sustainable value as your brand will regularly appear on office desks and at conferences across Australia, extending the reach and visibility of your brand for a fraction of the cost of an advertising campaign.

Seamless Merchandise Matters have a wide range of corporate merchandise suitable to a variety of industries and promotional budgets. Browse our site for unique promotional ideas for your business.




30th September 2010

How to Make Promotional Hats, Wristbands and Other Wearable Items Work for You
Everyone loves to receive promotional caps, hats, and other items they can wear. So the giving part is easy for you, the business owner. The tricky part is coming up with the right design to get the most mileage out of your promotional items.


UCI Road World


30th September 2010

Promotional Keyrings, Badges and More: Ideal Accessories for the UCI Road World Championships
If you plan to attend the annual UCI Road World Championships, don’t forget to include some promotional keyrings, badges, stubby holders and more when packing. These items make great accessories while watching the event. People will love receiving these items during the road races.

Promotional products Perth

The Promotional Merchandise to Wow Your Perth Clients

Promotional merchandise has a range of valuable uses for businesses of all sizes. It can create much-needed brand awareness, it can inspire employees, it can reward valued, loyal customers, and so much more. No wonder then that more and more businesses and corporations are having their own custom branded merchandise created.

Seamless Merchandise helps Perth businesses of all types and sizes get the perfect merchandise for their promotional needs. Whether you’re throwing an event, taking part in a fair, or simply want to show appreciation to your existing customer base, we’ve got the promotional merch to match.

The affordable promotional products

Sometimes promotional products are about quantity – about getting your brand out there into the world. Inexpensive pens, tote bags, keychains and more are a great way to stock up on give-away branded products for fairs and events without breaking your budget.

We know that no two businesses are the same, which is why your promotional merchandise shouldn’t be either. Show personality with quirky and cool merchandise such as pet accessories or show class and functionality with clever gadgets and tools. Browse our unbeatable selection of high-quality merch at wholesale prices!

For Perth, we know there’s few things that excite more than quality branded eskies and cooler bags for keeping food and drinks icy cold on hot-hot days on Cottesloe beach.


Not in Perth?

We also help businesses with their merchandise needs in all of Australia’s major cities, including:


•  Sydney

•  Melbourne

•  Adelaide

•  Brisbane

•  Darwin

•  Canberra

Gifts for corporate needs

Corporate clients and employees are often a harder sell than passers-by opportunists at a fair. These refined foxes won’t settle for a pen with your business’ logo on it – they’ve got their own fountain pen! They won’t like a cool tote bag, because they have a designer bag already! Instead, a great corporate gift is a clever product that anticipates an unexpected need, such as accessories for boats or cars, or IT accessories.

If all else fails with your corporate folk, you can also never go too wrong with luxurious hampers and gifts, or alcohol – all discretely branded of course.

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